Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentine’s Day Psychology 101

People love 1-to-1 correspondence
The Roman Emperor‘s command for him was to be executed
The Western Empire commands execution of his holy day
Martyred on the 14th of February
We celebrate on the 14th of February
Unless you’re Eastern
Then it’s July 6th & 30th
He wrote a letter
Be my valentine 
We write letters
Be my valentine 
He fell in love before his last day
We celebrate love so it won't be ours
For chocolatiers 
and philanthropists
For poor sweethearts 
and middle-class cheap lays
The year 496 was his canonization
496 million cream filled eggs ordered each year ever since
His demise was 270 years after the year of our Lord
270 electoral votes are needed to win a presidential election this year
He refused the command to deny marriage
We command love and respect with heart shaped treats
Innocent ideographic treats for the legendary love of mankind

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