Sunday, January 23, 2022

Lord have mercy


In this year of one next to another

We all chose together

But before we filled our bellies with lobster and banana tempura

I said ‘done’ in sudden silence and darkness

I was finished before the image of God, too.

I threw it all away below peels not quite good enough

Not even for worms

Again, I should have seen this coming

What the hell

I saw this coming from the beginning

But now it’s done


I quit

I can’t breathe

It’s just foolish

I’ve been here before

Just not with mist and breath

My heart tightens in my chest

I could have hid longer

She deserves better

The three do too

May I sing



In this eleventh year,

On this night we all shared?

Saturday, January 22, 2022


Eleven years today

You would have loved her

It’s too bad you only met her mom

I’m not surprised by that though

She only ever seems to care about others

She only ever seems to open arms wide

She only ever seems to lavish God’s praise

To craft another position paper in her mind

Like your ex with his fantasy family

Please tell Jesus I love him

Eleven years today



You are

the reason I write

the inspiration I snuggle

the poem of poems

the treasure of this story

words can't describe

Living the Dream


A glimmer of hope

A sliver of salvation

A blip of baptisms

Eighty six in one day

Some random dude I don't know

Is excited

Please pray

Your little cult made this possible

Your free labor made this possible

Tomorrow, more will be saved

Eighty six more, all because of you

Some random dad I don't know

Look at you

Living the dream