Sunday, August 30, 2020

To be Katie Lee


What was it like

to be so afraid of death

that every box needed a bag

within a bag

within a bag

bundled together within more bags

What was it like 

to be so afraid of death

that you gave

every last penny

for that burgundy town and country

just to have a home

What was it like

to be so afraid of death

that you just couldn’t live without

bibles and sabbaths

lysol wipes and vivas

diapers and sandwich bags

And what advice would you give your Son

now that your sight

is restored

and your mansion


and you no longer fear death?

Friday, August 28, 2020

Happy Birthday

one year ago
you looked at me
through your plastic window
outside the post office
on MLK

you smiled at me
a little awkwardly
from his right hand
I wept with joy
and wept and wept

far beyond the parking limit
because it was really you
visiting me
after so many years
of not knowing when

or how I'd see you again
so I carried you home
and I still do
everywhere I go
forty days and nights

you worked with me
sat with me
wept with me
prayed with me
interceded for me

you beheld me
and held me
when you reached God
our shared hope
one year ago

Friday, August 14, 2020

The only way


I'm not really into conspiracy theories, but...

I think it's pretty obvious that Trump is desperate

He wants people dead

He wants to build his own little empire 

and radically change our democracy

He doesn't care about helping us get out of this pandemic

It's like he wants us all to remain trapped and sick, with no return to normal again

If he wanted us out, he'd mandate masks to be worn everywhere at all times

That's the only way to get everything back to normal

Unless there's a vaccine

which won't happen any time soon 

because Trump doesn't seem to want one

Instead, he wants that hydrochlorine something-or-other bullshit

which has been proven to cause heart problems

And now that Putin authorized a vaccine for his people before everyone else

skipping the most essential safety trials

regardless of how sick his vaccine makes people

regardless of how many people are poisoned from his deadly vaccine

in order to radically turn their economy around and back to normal

regardless of how many lives are ultimately lost

you can bet that Russia will use that as a bargaining chip

to keep Trump in office

The last four years have proven at least that much

There is some serious fucked-up conspiracy shit in the Trump administration

and people don't seem to care

especially the kids

I don't know about you 

but I care

I also think that the main reason why young people don't care about what's going on around the world

is because they are too easily entertained 

and distracted

They just believe whatever social media tells them 

They don't even watch the news anymore

That's how little they care

Sunday, August 9, 2020

20/20 Vision


Livestream face panties

Scoff at Governor's orders

Flip your blinker on

Breast cup hangs off ear

But just momentarily

Masticate and slurp

Left turn or right turn

Virtues equal viruses

You are a racist



What could happen if we lost faith in It?

How could disease be prevented?

Could there be serious problems?

Political theater might not sell many tickets

Commercialized Christianity might crumble

Coronabullets might stop at Neo's palm

Every desire

of every institution

to explain every how

in order to push

their pluralistic why's

would die

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Black Lives Matter 363% MORE

In case you missed it, Part One in this series of posts can be found here

In this post I will be sharing a different video to illustrate why Black Lives Matter. To be extremely specific, Black Lives Matter 363% more than white lives. Watch the video below to understand why.

Below is a single, continuous 9 minute video presentation chopped into three sequential videos. Due to the large file size, I needed to chop it up into three parts in order to upload it to this page. 

Here is the first third:

Here is the second third:

Here is the final third: 

Monday, August 3, 2020

Opposition in the kirchenkampf

Increasing objections to WHO policies has led Facebook to carefully monitor individuals and organizations who promote a different doctrine than what has been authorized by world health experts. For the most part, Facebook has not promoted physical resistance, but simply wants to ensure that organizational doctrine remains intact.

However, Facebook has teamed with the WHO to suppress any source of ideology other than their own, and has set out to muzzle or crush the leading voices of opposition in the so-called kirchenkampf. When leaders voice their misgivings about controversial programs advocated by WHO, like vaccinations, alternative treatments for disease, or racial policies, Facebook intimates that such voices ought to be considered dangerous to the health of the community. Facebook even conspires with the World Health Organization to encourage members of the community to copy and share links, posted by their opposition, to the WHO website where they have composed a list of common rumors.

To learn more about this strategy, check out the section labeled “suppression of resistance” here.

That's what they said

Pyrexia frequented the most
Throbbing the cranium in half the volume
Nausea and upchuck are common events
They said
Just give them lots of fluids and rest
Don't be surprised by minor myalgia and fatigue
There could possibly be some irritability, too
If things don't look better after two days
We'll get some antibiotics
They said
What about her convulsion after a couple days?
They said
Yes, that's definitely something we are concerned about
It's likely unrelated to the well visit
Most events of that nature are coincidences
Where there is some minor correlation
It's often related to some kind of unknown susceptibility 
They said
He froze up like an ice cube
And blacked out like an adult punched her
And all the experts rationalized away their cares