Monday, August 3, 2020

Opposition in the kirchenkampf

Increasing objections to WHO policies has led Facebook to carefully monitor individuals and organizations who promote a different doctrine than what has been authorized by world health experts. For the most part, Facebook has not promoted physical resistance, but simply wants to ensure that organizational doctrine remains intact.

However, Facebook has teamed with the WHO to suppress any source of ideology other than their own, and has set out to muzzle or crush the leading voices of opposition in the so-called kirchenkampf. When leaders voice their misgivings about controversial programs advocated by WHO, like vaccinations, alternative treatments for disease, or racial policies, Facebook intimates that such voices ought to be considered dangerous to the health of the community. Facebook even conspires with the World Health Organization to encourage members of the community to copy and share links, posted by their opposition, to the WHO website where they have composed a list of common rumors.

To learn more about this strategy, check out the section labeled “suppression of resistance” here.

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