Sunday, March 27, 2022

Shoulder to Shoulder

When our nest is empty

we will still be

shoulder to shoulder

not just face to face

as mere friends

playing games

and killing time

Instead we will be 

building together

growing together

producing together

feasting together

waiting together

for that great city of the sun


Across my world is a hellish place

I am not welcome

It’s a hospital

And only a hospital

With an autistic chaplain

A frog that croaks to inmates

And a canine with longer fur than Jesus


It’s full of sickly patients

And no physician to be found

That is why we travel 

Across the plane

To the magic city

Where I am allowed to cry

And many others cry with me

When their streets flood

And candles go out

And doors close for the night

It’s because the gifts inside 

Receive our prayers

Hear our cries 

And cry along with us

Unconditional Love


What is that?

One’s excuse to retreat from the face of evil?

To become something magical and mythical?

To mimic the fictional deity we imagine to be?

To love all equally yet hate some of them more?

Which is it?

Some say it is the gift of Jesus, the son of god who is killed and made alive

Yet among the truly liberal it is spoken of as the charity of one 


who kills and makes alive

but who also makes alive and then kills

Blessed are all those who put their trust in him

Twelve hours

Over the valley and through the woods

A half day was spent seated, motionless

Then we arrived

And a curious young man

Locked the only door 

From the inside out

To the only room

To pay our water bill

To dump out our trash

After the handle was removed

From the outside

One might think

Disparagement would be unnecessary

But that door doesn’t swing both ways

If you plant corn

Don’t expect strawberries to grow

Humiliation is what precedes exaltation

Stupid decisions just delay that process

Holy resurrection


The spirits howl this morning

ready for worship — ready for war

I can hear them wanting to break glass

wanting to push through and invade

But these walls

built upon the foundation of martyrs

mortared with the hymns of holy ones

won’t let them

Its breath continues to hover and push back

Its black emblazoned stones cry out

Have mercy on us

and on the whole world

The end


Why so rude?

Because a pinnacle has been reached

It doesn’t matter what others think

Others don’t care

So others shouldn’t feel obligated either

Oh, but they do care

So I’m told

Oh, I get it

They are now

Now that honesty has entered the sanctuary

And clarity the conversation

Direct, principled, and prepared with zero bullshit

With a side of loyalty to those hate horseshit, too

The end

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Prey for piece


Convoys arrive and restrictions quickly depart 

Liberties and ringleaders are quickly arrested 

Ministers seize powers and opposition is quickly silenced 

Gifts and earnings are devoured after the first freeze

Then comes the media hush

Then comes the partisan retreat 

Then powers suddenly go back to normal

Who still remembers how this game is played? 

Those who lose will be left behind 

To fend for themselves or starve

Then comes the ultimate junk food

Hot fries with cheese curds and gravy to the rescue 

Of those behind the silence and starvation

Behind the powers masking the science

When poutine invades every living room 

Everyone will draw six feet closer

So that biosecurity basics can sneak in

Making everyone watching happy

Then the muskrat will enter into the great narrative 

Its omnivorous diet will devour world markets

And prevent harm caused by poutine

But the muskrat must be summoned first

And he only responds to one call

The delectable chirp of a desperate bird 

In need of salvation from God

Only this rodent can link stars above 

And save what is left of our souls

Elongating and damning us all

The next meal to be served 

Is planned at a table 

With nice, cushy seats that recline

Entrées and hors d’oeuvres 

Are played out in pieces

On this grand chessboard 

They all designed