Saturday, May 15, 2021

Planet Earth


‘There is literally no evidence of that’

Says the random troll with an opinion

Weighing as much as a fish in the ocean 

And as oblivious as a newborn seal

All the crazies are in the wild

And they have no interest in subscribing

They only think they are healthy and safe

Because of all the freedoms and privilege they’ve had

The trolls only know all four seasons of planet earth

Framed through a lens; encapsulated by glass

Guarded with steel; shaped in concrete

Its keepers are there to make sure each season is a success

All the crystalloid, chlorinated pools 

And buckets of delectable fish

Are crafted to make endangered life safe and healthy

To the senses of visitors who never enter the wild

Each generation is being sold a new series

Scripted, strategized, and produced

To keep our eyes on the prize of life

The wild is really not our natural habitat 

How will we survive without buckets of care?

We need them to help rehabilitate planet earth

All we have, the world and everything therein, is theirs

And they know better than us in how to care for it

Also, do you see this button?

If it gets pushed, the guardians and keepers will come

And show you where you can squat and what food you can chew

And the glass you can see through because the planet is their zoo

But the choice is entirely yours

Learn to live by their rules and be a good pup

Playing freely and feeding from their hands

Or else die by their rules and their servants will clean up

That Phone Call

I know a man who plays with his children

The games they like to play

Just to enjoy them and be enjoyed by them

But he’s not you

He made that choice

While his kids were young, too

It’s too late for you now

Only the law is left to comfort you

Honor thy father has remained your excuse

The Most High commands and imposes this duty on us

Do this no matter what

Do this little children and you will be blessed

You, whose children are now parents themselves

Do this so that senile and cynical fathers are cared for

Do this because your father is honorable

Don’t bother if he’s a narcissist

Threaten him if he’s a cult leader

And maybe

Just maybe, at best

He’ll read what you wrote for him to enjoy with you years ago