Sunday, June 28, 2020

Fear Porn

This is not like the flu
I repeat: not like the flu
Click the animated graph
It's a really good graphic
It reminds me of the continued importance
of masks and limiting exposure
From mid March to mid June 
there have been more deaths due to this
than by anything else on the chart
It reminds me of how important it is to follow the experts
who are all saying the same thing
It's really shocking to see things this way
Like and share if you agree
This is unlike anything we've experienced before
I repeat: unlike anything we've experienced

The quelle of all problems

we will not rehearse the case
for that hypothesis over there
nor offer arguments against
this one over here

definitive arguments
for any hypothesis
or against any hypothesis
or their variations

are not possible

at best, we propose scenarios
in which all or most or some
of the data is accounted
most of the time

by what we think of
as the most probable explanations
observe and trust what we say
and our craftsmanship

we sit in the seat you adore

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Vader's Day

I'm waiting
While the world unwraps the gifts they offered this day
I'm waiting
To see some change
I'm waiting
For a smile without pretense
Joy without shaming
With nothing to sell
Completely and freely gifted felicity

To see you love
dot dot dot
To see you think
dot dot dot
To see you enjoy
dot dot dot
Without being the expert
Without being the victim
Without being the patriot

I'm waiting
For you to not recommend shooting protestors
I'm waiting
For you to not be anxious
I'm waiting
For you to show some family resemblance with a son
Some joy without shaming
Without preaching anything
In bold, all-caps, and dots

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sitting across from the treasury

Our history is filled with violence
Demolish its icons

Our heritage is loaded with exploitation
Sue their asses off

We cannot undo the wrongs of our past
Demonetize those deviants

We must acknowledge truth to begin to heal
Censor rival narratives

We need to work together to fight fascism and restore justice
Donate today and pledge your last two lepta

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Silence is Violence

Me:  No justice, no peace! 
You:  Yes!

Me:  No justice, no peace! 
You:  Absolutely! 

Me:  Black lives matter! 
You:  Yes!

Me:  Black lives matter! 
You:  Yes! Absolutely!

Me:  End racist policies!
You:  End racist policies!

Me:  End racist police brutality!
You:  End racist police brutality!

Me:  White silence is violence!
You:  Wait… What?!?

Me:  All Lives Matter is racist! 
You:  Ummm… No, it’s not. 


Wait a minute!

Why is white silence violence?

Me:  Because white people casually harbor racist ideas, and racist thoughts are linked to policies that create harmful social, economic, cultural, and political disparities. 
You:  I'm not sure what you mean by racist thoughts being “linked" to policies, or how that's any different from a thousand other ideas that could be loosely construed alongside harmful policies. 

Evolutionary thoughts are linked to polices that are harmful. 

Materialistic and consumeristic thoughts could be perceived as harmful "links." 

Agnostic and atheistic thoughts could also be "linked." 

Should we police those thoughts, too? 

Me:  No. Just the racist thoughts, because they’re harmful. 
You:  That's weird. In your opinion, what exactly constitutes “harm”?

Me:  Casually harboring racist ideas.
You:  What if I don’t know that I’m casually harboring ideas in a way that you define as racist, and the ideas per se do not involve the superiority of any particular race?

Me:  You’d still be a racist. 
You:  But that’s the very essence of the Webster’s Dictionary definition for a “racist”—one whose beliefs involve an inherent superiority of a particular race.

Me:  No. You’re wrong. My point is that Webster's Dictionary provides an inadequate definition of a racist. Experts agree with me on this. There is a black man and award-winning scholar, Ibram Kendi, who studied the history of racist ideas, and he defines a racist this way: One who is supporting a racist policy or is expressing a racist idea through their actions or inaction.
You:  But that means you could accuse me of being racist just by a lack of action on my part, even if I didn’t have a racist bone in my body. And that would be absurd!

Me:  How can you say you don’t have a racist bone in your body while living in a country where white racism and white supremacy persists unchecked?
You:  That's the most irrational rhetoric I've heard in a long time. 

Allow me to ask you the same kind of question: How can you say you’re not a pedophile while living in a country where pedophilia and prostituting minors persists unchecked?

Me:  That’s different. Racism isn’t the same as prostitution or pedophilia. And besides, my point is that if you’re not actively antiracist, then you’re racist. It’s not sufficient anymore to “not be racist” and not promote racist ideas, because that idea itself casually harbors a racist idea. 
You:  Then you need to be actively anti-pedophile. You can’t just not be a pedophile and not do pedophile things and not promote pedophiles. That's because, according to your contrived redefinition of terms, if you’re not actively anti-pedophile, you are a pedophile.

So then, if you don’t actively protest, share, and promote the takedown, exposure of, and civil action against those reputable circles of pedophiles, you are a pedophile. 

Me:  No. That's now how this works. I’m not just going to believe whatever you tell me, and then share your opinion publicly. And just because I don't share your opinion, that doesn't make me a pedophile. 
You:  You’re just casually harboring pedophile ideas.

Me:  Now you’re just being intellectually dishonest. You’re using the real definition of a racist and mixing it with a completely different subject. Racism and pedophilia are two entirely different things. 
You:  I know they’re “different” subjects. But the principle between the two is the exact same. That’s how analogies work. My analogy is valid, and it illustrates that your contrived definition of a “racist” is too ubiquitous to be clearly helpful. 

Me:  I'm sick of watching these kinds of gymnastics that white people are doing in order to deny that systemic racism exists.
You:  What?!? 

If an entire population suddenly redefined the identity of things according to your methodology, the world would hopelessly decline in their ability to reason cogently.

For example, imagine every American suddenly redefining a nail as merely a "sharp pointy metal object" or a "metal object that is not intentionally designed to be blunt." Half of the world who merely used that redefinition wouldn't know exactly what you meant, because sharp pointy metal objects are everywhere! And tons of pointy metal objects are designed to not be blunt, and not be nails

That is why we don't suddenly re-identify things with nebulous or slippery meanings. Some of these novel rhetorical maneuvers of yours are just too unhelpful for lots of people I know.

Can't you see that our basic disagreement is not with systemic racism existing, but with there being a widespread travesty of language to communicate the eradication of racism?

Me:  Your comments reaffirm what we’ve been saying all along. White people casually change the definition of words so they don’t apply to them anymore. 

In this case, white people change the definition of “racist.” And we are fed up with the oppression resulting from it. 

Racist bullshit needs to stop.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Lifetime of Toxicity

It's all a joke
except only some of us find it humorous

Protests with thousands are worshipped
while gatherings of faith are demonized

And all of a sudden, black lives matter
so that moral grandstanding can force its weight on novel necks

Three generations thick in this dream of empire
and suddenly it's against community guidelines to question the contents of their koolaid

Once questioned, renewed imperialism rushes in to interfere with all fevers
for eradicating all future disease and suffering

Because everyone needs doctoring for health
just like every child needs education for language

Two irreconcilably opposed philosophies of political order pervade each cityscape
and only those with masks are granted permits to protest

In response to these 'global health crises' 
the enlightened ones swoop in, dissect concepts, and spew rhetorical venom

All lives matter, but some lives matter much more right now
except those tiny black ones who are defined as fetuses

A brief voilà, some abracadabra, and poof! 
The hypocrisy of that conversation is now muted

It's all a joke
and it's okay to laugh as long as you stand six feet apart

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


They say that he sacrificed himself for everyone.
Others say he sacrificed himself for the many, the elect.
Still, more say he sacrificed himself to make it possible for all.
His enemies cried out, "We have no king but Caesar!"
And they were not saved from the coming wrath.
Not many since then have been allowed to have eyes that see or ears that hear.
That is why they never ask
What if he died only for those who were in the Hades?
And what if Hades was now no more?

That would mean horror and heresy!
Outrage and unyielding angst!
Riots are needed against such blasphemy!
Worst of all, that would mean no one today can be saved.

They say it's gutsy to defy the living God.
He used a church and Bible as a cheap political prop.
He threatened to deploy the military against his citizens.
They accuse his disciples of crying out, "We have no king but Caesar!"
And he tear gasses the peaceful protestors anyway.
Not many since then have been allowed eyes to see or ears to hear.
That is why they never ask
What if he's wrong, but for all the right reasons?
And what if those reasons matter more than your virtue signaling?

That would mean violence and looting!
Stoning and constant carnage!
Riots are needed against such tyranny!
Worst of all, that would mean no one today can be saved.