Saturday, June 6, 2020

Lifetime of Toxicity

It's all a joke
except only some of us find it humorous

Protests with thousands are worshipped
while gatherings of faith are demonized

And all of a sudden, black lives matter
so that moral grandstanding can force its weight on novel necks

Three generations thick in this dream of empire
and suddenly it's against community guidelines to question the contents of their koolaid

Once questioned, renewed imperialism rushes in to interfere with all fevers
for eradicating all future disease and suffering

Because everyone needs doctoring for health
just like every child needs education for language

Two irreconcilably opposed philosophies of political order pervade each cityscape
and only those with masks are granted permits to protest

In response to these 'global health crises' 
the enlightened ones swoop in, dissect concepts, and spew rhetorical venom

All lives matter, but some lives matter much more right now
except those tiny black ones who are defined as fetuses

A brief voilĂ , some abracadabra, and poof! 
The hypocrisy of that conversation is now muted

It's all a joke
and it's okay to laugh as long as you stand six feet apart

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