Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Random Gifts


Who knows how to respond anymore?

Gromm Gromm and Corn Pop are thinking again

And mailing out olive branches

Like a special birthday meal placemat

Is a response to the delusional even necessary?



You will be famous some day

Your passion and zeal

Your life of self-sacrifice

Your pala producing ministry

Dr. Who? 

Dr. PhD, Specialist, 

Pastor, Theologian, 

Catechist, Husband, 

Father, Brother,

Cousin, Uncle, 

Nephew, Former Roommate,

Lecturer, Linguist

That’s who.

Pala Catechism


How does one explain the wonder of it to those of prepatory faith?

We begin with the heresy of withdrawing from the culture, leading to apostasy of heart - First principles so basic for an increasingly discerned use of righteousness.

With those in danger of such stagnation, the grace of God’s law apportions to our walk the uprooted displacement of the influence of the carnal mind.

Too pervasive a characteristic of the churches to be accidental is the poor handling of the miraculous law of the lord.

How does one explain the missing?