Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Particles of experience

My neighbor is confident
I speak only to be suddenly shut down in a circle of ten
Then comes the cursory apology like a seven year old

It's not my fault that the story wasn't interesting
It tried to entertain me
It failed with that damn redneck accent

It seems that the sun, moon, and stars have called me elsewhere
I'm supposed to busy myself with their melodies
And practice twirling their barbie arms around

You might have already noticed, but I'm not very fond of curt neighborlyisms
There's a big world to be unlearned by us both
And I'm actually trying to function with comparatively little meaning, and not inflect

Unlike you, I'm not informed by those who sell fear porn and monetize hysteria to boost JNJ stock
I actually care about what molds and magnetizes desire
You can point to subatomic particle theory and it's not going to change what I discovered about electricity

Even if I knew how to satisfactorily complete your questionnaires
I still wouldn't know what to do with moonlight
But every step in its direction toward unknowing gives me peace

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