Sunday, January 28, 2018

Dark Side of the Moon

Who really knows science so called?
Scientia potentia est is the theoretical dictum
Spinning faster than the speed of sound
Spiraling through an infinite vacuum
Perusing across this terra firma
All is fine as long as one giant leap is made on behalf of mankind 

Satellites everywhere now fill our eyes with wonder and glory
The ideocracy of globulizing and scientizing reality captivates us
The opposite of joy is unearthed once we begin to question authority
Friendships become feuds with comments like daggers
Marriages liquidize like coconut oil in hot summer pantries
Dresden like bombings of cynicism anesthetize our minds 

Just as water within its container always finds its own level
So the atomization of everything razes the science of being
Who cares if material presupposes existence?
The electromagnetism and sacramentality of it all still remains
After the mushroom cloud dissipates and the trending tweets die down

Indwelling the personal is what we really need to know and be known 

Existence is what science needs for every one to be known at all
Like the two things every monk is taught to avoid at all costs
Sacramentality and its authority are what scientism must deflect our attention away from
The plane truth underlies it all while the dreams of man dominate one small step at a time
Potentia est scientia is the official praxis
Who really sciences knowledge so called?