Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Optimizing Trust

Investigating “Science” is not the problem
All these academics and graduates
Specialists and sub-specialists
Those with certificates and those on their way
Quoting each other supportively
Creating this illusion of incontrovertibility
Scientizing all philosophies of problem solving
Problematizing all solutions that are anti-Science
Democracy is the greatest threat to hegemony
When women are valued more than men, equality is achieved
Wetdreams of Hitlerian Brexits are why foreign nations need our policing
If you don’t want to be expurgated, don’t believe the wrong things
Intersectionality proves that translesbian prostitutes are unjustly marginalized
Whiteness has proven itself to be rape, with the exception of Zionists
Eratosthenes’ sticks proved the sphericity of life two thousand years ago
Mark’s little apocalypse proves that the end was not near
Bezos and Musk prove Capitalism to be the enemy of Socialism
Warren’s crosshairs on Big Pharma prove she can’t be bought
Racism equalling prejudice+plus+power proves the dictionary wrong
Non-binary vegan activists prove the patriarchy needs smashing
For the best sex, we need to approve medicare for all
For the best results, make sure you’re fully vaccinated
Utterly pampered idiots infantilizing all investigation into the problem

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