Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Prey for piece


Convoys arrive and restrictions quickly depart 

Liberties and ringleaders are quickly arrested 

Ministers seize powers and opposition is quickly silenced 

Gifts and earnings are devoured after the first freeze

Then comes the media hush

Then comes the partisan retreat 

Then powers suddenly go back to normal

Who still remembers how this game is played? 

Those who lose will be left behind 

To fend for themselves or starve

Then comes the ultimate junk food

Hot fries with cheese curds and gravy to the rescue 

Of those behind the silence and starvation

Behind the powers masking the science

When poutine invades every living room 

Everyone will draw six feet closer

So that biosecurity basics can sneak in

Making everyone watching happy

Then the muskrat will enter into the great narrative 

Its omnivorous diet will devour world markets

And prevent harm caused by poutine

But the muskrat must be summoned first

And he only responds to one call

The delectable chirp of a desperate bird 

In need of salvation from God

Only this rodent can link stars above 

And save what is left of our souls

Elongating and damning us all

The next meal to be served 

Is planned at a table 

With nice, cushy seats that recline

Entrées and hors d’oeuvres 

Are played out in pieces

On this grand chessboard 

They all designed

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