Monday, August 3, 2020

That's what they said

Pyrexia frequented the most
Throbbing the cranium in half the volume
Nausea and upchuck are common events
They said
Just give them lots of fluids and rest
Don't be surprised by minor myalgia and fatigue
There could possibly be some irritability, too
If things don't look better after two days
We'll get some antibiotics
They said
What about her convulsion after a couple days?
They said
Yes, that's definitely something we are concerned about
It's likely unrelated to the well visit
Most events of that nature are coincidences
Where there is some minor correlation
It's often related to some kind of unknown susceptibility 
They said
He froze up like an ice cube
And blacked out like an adult punched her
And all the experts rationalized away their cares

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