Sunday, April 14, 2013

Speaking Bible

While discussing some of the ecclesiastical problems associated with the widespread use of extra-biblical language, particularly the language used throughout protestant traditions and textbooks, Peter Leithart commented:

The Bible is a common inheritance among all Christians. If we all learned to speak Bible, we would be speaking the same language. But we deliberately invest terms with a great deal of theological content to distinguish ourselves from other believers. We fill terms with all kinds of theological content in order to makes sure that nobody confuses us with Lutherans, because Lutherans say 'this' and we say 'this'. And I just don't see that as consistent with Jesus' desires for the Church. Jesus' desire is that the Church be one, and that we not erect those kinds of barriers. If we go back and wrestle with the Bible to speak Bible fluently then I think [with] that particular ecclesiological problem ...we are more apt to achieve what Jesus wants us to achieve, which is the unity of His body.1

1.  IN MEDIAS RES PODCAST, March 30th, 2007 

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