Saturday, May 9, 2020

Simpatico Enterprises

Who will guide me?
the sheeple said

Look here!
he said

Look there!
she said

Do not listen to them! 
I will guide youI, the one, who knows.
I can peel back the layers of truth and reveal to you all its secret inward parts.
said the gatekeeper

Why should we listen to you?
Who made you the one to authenticate?
the sheeple inquired

The Scientific Community.
said the gatekeeper

We have the degrees. 
We have letters of recommendation.
We have articles published and peer reviewed.
We have the required skills of the scientific tradition, 
to teach, train, and discern the truth.
said the gatekeeper

But I have a PhD, also.
said Mr. Humilis

And I have letters of recommendation from seven reputable universities.
said Ms. Tenir

I have dozens of articles, and even one book about my research, all of which have been peer reviewed before publication.
said Mrs. Vilificare

And I have many of the required skills of the accepted scientific tradition, too.
said Mr. Artire

Aha! But do you have the support of society?
And does society support your values or affirm your passions?

We, the ones who know, have such support and affirmation. 
By understanding and living within the rigorous thought world of the communally supported Scientific Community, we can work together to inoculate and immunize future generations against the unhealthy consumption of propaganda.
Together we become safer, at home, and essential for the future good of society.

So beware: Who you choose to listen to forms your ability to see either correctly or in a warped and twisted manner. 
Please listen to the Scientific Community instead of merely thinking independently, or following those who are offering conspiracy theories.
We want you to not only think for yourself, but also to think communally, where knowledge is cultivated and distributed by discerning knowers.
the gatekeeper sternly warned

You may hear about information wars, and even rumors of culture wars. 
But be sure to not let anyone lead you astray with fake news. 
For many will come to you in the name of the Scientific Community,
and they will try to lead you astray, as they have with many others.
Do not listen to them, or encourage them.
Do not share their nonsense.
Lean not on your own understanding,
but in all your ways acknowledge Science, 
and it will direct your paths,
in ways which the future of society must go.
the gatekeeper insisted

But we’ve heard all that before.
said the sheeple

Gatekeepers like you have been selling that dogma for two thousand years,
and we think your predictions about the future are horseshit.

Your authenticated community of knowledge was once our community, too,
until some of us attempted to publish our peer reviewed research,
and tweet our professional, data-driven opinions publicly.
Then we were arrested and jailed on trumped-up charges,
and were publicly maligned by false reports,
or had our reputations publicly twisted,
or our integrity shot with holes by the people with influence around our circles,
or we were just completely ignored as deviants.

We repeatedly asked for evidence of what was an error, 
and all we got was the typical libel of scientific cronyism.
We were fired and fined,
sued and weakened with constant financial assaults,
accused of being the ones spreading lies,
made out to have holes in our stories,
and persecuted.
We looked at the evidence according to your community guidelines and standards—which were ours at that time, too.
We closely inspected the reports and claims of others with degrees and letters of recommendation,
with published and peer reviewed articles,
and all the required skills of your sacred tradition—the same skills that many of us have, too.
Yet we became convinced that the public should not listen to you, the gatekeepers of discerning knowers,
and we no longer think that your guild should be the ones to authenticate what should be cultivated and distributed to guide others.

We published and publicized the data of our experience,
yet our research has been retracted by you.
Our life saving research has been withheld from public appeal because of you.
Our stories and documentaries were taken down from social media by those conspiring with you.
The artificial labels slapped upon us consist of quacks, theorists, and criminals.
We have become the ones shoved into a concentration camp for ethical cleansing.
And our experience of knowing within the Scientific Community is revealing: 

You are the false prophets. You are the priests of culture. You are the rulers of this age, beholden to Herodian-like dynasties, centered on your precious temple, with your empire of thought built around it.

Thursday, May 7, 2020


This one is obsessive
like the green beans of star dollars
charred so badly that its ashes
pioneer through mounds of cream and sugar
that would, quite dogmatically
never be added to any mug

Others are compulsive
so we're told, yet this one's a broken record 
of twanging strings and acts of reading
over and over and over
with words like bees hovering around my lobes
and forty messages a day to chug

The mantra of everyone else's disorder
is repeated again and again and again
and the leitmotif of calling, leading, and Jesus praying
blessing us with a loud voice rising early in the morning
refreshing each like continually dripping water
nipping every intrigued pant leg as a puppy dog

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Tell me what you really think

There goes one more

. . . Who knows what they're thinking . . .

Drifting down the road

spokes twirling

pedals rotating

fifteen miles per hour

while wearing a stupid mask

Did you hear that?

. . . There goes another . . .

making a left turn

after a stop sign

blasting music so loud

that they can't hear a hole in their muffler

and the driver is wearing a stupid mask

And did you see that lady

on Instagram

selling crochet'd masks?

She might as well be wearing a sock

with holes and a coffee filter

over her stupid face

Oh, there goes another 

and another

and another

jogging, driving, biking

while wearing stupid masks

Wow, another blissful wanderer

walking their dog

down the sidewalk

pausing and veering 

to keep two yards away

from another idiot wearing a stupid mask

who also is walking their dog

which is wearing its own custom-made stupid mask

The Theorist

                      Who can be trusted?

                                                                 And who exactly are "they"
                                                 behind the scenes,
                                                    planning and attending meetings,
                                                                                        writing the script?
                                      Why should I trust what "they" say,
                                                                                   whoever they were on Thursday?
                                    And what's the difference between what "they" say
                                                                                              and what "they" determine?

                             How does anyone know if such reported hearsay is true?

                                 And so what if they made one determination,
                                                                but are still investigating another?
             How can people not see this smoke over here and those mirrors over there?
                               And why are they using the generic term, "coronavirus," at this time?
                                    Isn't that the most unspecific and slippery description available?
                                          And isn't the flu, by classification, also the coronavirus?
                                                                                   How is that even meaningful?
                                                    And why should anyone trust
                                 a report about how it was not made or modified?

                                                Are these journalists so inept that they have overlooked

                                                                        who owns its patents?

                                                                    And what about all of the medical research,

                                                                                and the data about its modifications?
                                   Why does it matter if it came into contact with people
            through an accident at a Chinese lab?
                                 And why all that specific verbiage used to describe it?
Why report it as an accident?
                                                                                       And why is it, all of a sudden,
                                                             politically correct to shift public attention
                             and potential blame to the "Chinese lab"?
                     Why frame such speculation as though Trump was its primary source?
                 And who are the alleged "aides" of his, who are also culpable?
            Why should anyone trust assertions by mainstream media,
                                                                        their Hollywoodesque accusers?
And doesn't this shifty rhetoric look strategically planted
              to discuss and coordinate

                what will be reported nationwide

                                     for all to see and for how it will likely be viewed

                                                so the public knows exactly who they can trust?

Saturday, May 2, 2020


This great mystery
I have been allowed to know 
this sublimely incalculable figure
Its stability
its practicality
it's inviting me

It's attentive
to detail
to simplicity 
to order

This glass
is stunning
in time
in motion
every minute of every hour

Once molten
and now cool
its pair of bulbs
connected vertically
by a slender, toned neck
teasing with perfection

Everything has its place
with it
no batteries are needed
all it asks for
is a little guidance
a turn over here 
a turn over there

Its gentle, steady, reliable flow
from top to bottom
is beyond understanding
and most glorious
every grain
every mark
every freckle is gold
an inner alchemy of divinity

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Conversational Jonah

Jesus standing
beside your shoulder
beside your furtive glance
God is with you
like a toothache

without what
would make you feel
vulnerable, exposed
testing and training your let go muscles

what in your life
would you feel
humbled, silenced
Test and train
your let go muscles

I wish my voice was better
I never smoked
I was a better father of my first two
I wasn't pale and freckled
I could be more generous

I cared more about the gospel I used to believe
I didn't have such a predictably aloof and self aggrandizing father
the coffee here was tasty
people could and would not work for money
smart phones did not emit ionizing radiation

habituated behaviors
and responses to
living on auto-pilot
characterizing the overwhelming
proportion of self

if you really know me
then you wouldn't really love me
I want you to love me
therefore I won't let you
know the real me

          Throw this guy overboard so we can enjoy conversing again.