Sunday, May 3, 2020

Tell me what you really think

There goes one more

. . . Who knows what they're thinking . . .

Drifting down the road

spokes twirling

pedals rotating

fifteen miles per hour

while wearing a stupid mask

Did you hear that?

. . . There goes another . . .

making a left turn

after a stop sign

blasting music so loud

that they can't hear a hole in their muffler

and the driver is wearing a stupid mask

And did you see that lady

on Instagram

selling crochet'd masks?

She might as well be wearing a sock

with holes and a coffee filter

over her stupid face

Oh, there goes another 

and another

and another

jogging, driving, biking

while wearing stupid masks

Wow, another blissful wanderer

walking their dog

down the sidewalk

pausing and veering 

to keep two yards away

from another idiot wearing a stupid mask

who also is walking their dog

which is wearing its own custom-made stupid mask

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