Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sizan visited America (a very short story)

There once was a son who lived in a very poor home with unclean water, making everyone sick.
The father loved his son greatly, and cared about the health of others, so he sent his son to America to become great and help others.

Sizan visited America.
Everything in America was new to Sizan.

Most of the people were friendly to Sizan.
Sizan then thought, ‘I like these people! I want to help them!’

So Sizan created a plan to help everyone.
Sizan started helping by building trust among all people.

At that time, the world was suffering because of disease.
Sizan knew that people could not survive without help.

Sizan gave lots of people lots of money, power, and honor.
Sizan invested in people because people needed the help.

Sizan developed teams around the world to trace all people with disease.
For many years, Sizan tried to help, but some people mocked and hated Sizan for the help.

Thankfully, most Americans searched for the truth about Sizan.
At first, everywhere they Googled, YouTubed, and FaceBooked, they received mixed messages about Sizan.

Over time, Sizan invested in research to find a cure that was infecting everyone, and the people started to learn that there is a lot more good than bad to Sizan.
The remedy discovered by Sizan was called Semmelweis Reflex, which was very effective in treating cases of short term memory and cognitive dissonance where new information suggested that established practices were harming public health. 

Eventually, the fake news about Sizan was under control and nearly eradicated.
After that time, no matter where people searched, the people of the world found plenty of good reasons to believe the greatness of Sizan, which made Sizan very happy.

Sizan admitted that some mistakes were made, and there were some significant regrets, but Sizan learned from them all.
Sizan spent more than fifty billion dollars—tax free—to eradicate disease from the world.

Sizan eventually retired, and the gods blessed Sizan with greatness because of the great loyalty of Sizan to them.
Sizan retired in a forty three million dollar home near San Diego—one of many homes that the gods provided for Sizan.

That great city was named after the great Franciscan saint, Diego de san Nicolas.
He served among the newly conquered Canary Islands.

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