Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Infected

Whether infected
or healthy
neither matters
What matters is that you follow the guidelines

Cough and sneeze
Send those droplets
containing the virus
into the air

The healthy ones breathe in
the infected droplets
or they touch a surface
with them on it

No one should assume they’re safe anymore
No one should presume they’re not infected
Symptoms don’t matter
Everyone is guilty until proven innocent

This scary, deadly virus can live 
for hours to days
and possibly weeks
on surfaces, and possibly in the air

Our public health experts have been clear
many times, publicly
about it possibly being too soon to reopen
if the guideline framework they have worked out is not followed

We should not jump over the various checkpoints
and prematurely open up
without having the capability of being able to respond
effectively and efficiently

Our concern should be 
that we will start to see little spikes
that might possibly turn into outbreaks
The consequences could be really serious

We must have an appropriate pace
that is commensurate with the dynamics of the outbreak
When an area pulls back on mitigation
we will see some cases appear

It’s the ability and capability
of responding to those cases
with good identification, isolation, and contact tracing
that will determine whether we can go forward as we try to reopen

It’s not only doing it at the appropriate time
with the appropriate constraints
but having in place the capability of responding
when the inevitable return of infections occur

Researchers still have a lot to learn about this new virus
You’re probably more likely to catch it 
from being around someone who might possibly have it 
than from touching contaminated surfaces

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