Sunday, May 17, 2020

The New Normal

Approach with the fear of God
with faith and with love
this wall preventing entry
with hinge and bolt and knob

Unleash your new antimicrobial key
with the added bonus of touchscreen capability
Use it to enter your pin and turn the handle
for entry into the sanctuary

Once inside be very mindful
Your surroundings have been treated
Only certain items may be touched
Expect this to be the new normal

Follow the arrows on the floor
Sit down only where it's marked for your safety
In order to sing praise to your God
Bring your own mask or buy one for a dollar

Stand or sit with at least six feet of distance
and do not bow beyond that threshold of masking tape
Everything now is about probability
Science and U.S. Intelligence confirm this

Thus says your Lord and God
If you love Me you will keep these commandments
And according to this new covenant
If you love your neighbor, you'll also wear a mask outside

If you're afraid to go out, as you should be
Know that you're safer at home
And when you stay home, be sure to report
those who violate quarantine

Implore your neighbor to trust that experts all agree
Netflix heroes and takeout superstars
must take shots in the arm for the team
So we all can save lives by corporate unity

Love each other in these ways, and so fulfill the Law
of Orthodoxy in this brave new world
anointed by its Trinity
Big Brother, Tech, and Holy Pharma

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