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Sunday, August 30, 2020

To be Katie Lee


What was it like

to be so afraid of death

that every box needed a bag

within a bag

within a bag

bundled together within more bags

What was it like 

to be so afraid of death

that you gave

every last penny

for that burgundy town and country

just to have a home

What was it like

to be so afraid of death

that you just couldn’t live without

bibles and sabbaths

lysol wipes and vivas

diapers and sandwich bags

And what advice would you give your Son

now that your sight

is restored

and your mansion


and you no longer fear death?

Friday, August 28, 2020

Happy Birthday

one year ago
you looked at me
through your plastic window
outside the post office
on MLK

you smiled at me
a little awkwardly
from his right hand
I wept with joy
and wept and wept

far beyond the parking limit
because it was really you
visiting me
after so many years
of not knowing when

or how I'd see you again
so I carried you home
and I still do
everywhere I go
forty days and nights

you worked with me
sat with me
wept with me
prayed with me
interceded for me

you beheld me
and held me
when you reached God
our shared hope
one year ago

Friday, August 14, 2020

The only way


I'm not really into conspiracy theories, but...

I think it's pretty obvious that Trump is desperate

He wants people dead

He wants to build his own little empire 

and radically change our democracy

He doesn't care about helping us get out of this pandemic

It's like he wants us all to remain trapped and sick, with no return to normal again

If he wanted us out, he'd mandate masks to be worn everywhere at all times

That's the only way to get everything back to normal

Unless there's a vaccine

which won't happen any time soon 

because Trump doesn't seem to want one

Instead, he wants that hydrochlorine something-or-other bullshit

which has been proven to cause heart problems

And now that Putin authorized a vaccine for his people before everyone else

skipping the most essential safety trials

regardless of how sick his vaccine makes people

regardless of how many people are poisoned from his deadly vaccine

in order to radically turn their economy around and back to normal

regardless of how many lives are ultimately lost

you can bet that Russia will use that as a bargaining chip

to keep Trump in office

The last four years have proven at least that much

There is some serious fucked-up conspiracy shit in the Trump administration

and people don't seem to care

especially the kids

I don't know about you 

but I care

I also think that the main reason why young people don't care about what's going on around the world

is because they are too easily entertained 

and distracted

They just believe whatever social media tells them 

They don't even watch the news anymore

That's how little they care

Sunday, August 9, 2020

20/20 Vision


Livestream face panties

Scoff at Governor's orders

Flip your blinker on

Breast cup hangs off ear

But just momentarily

Masticate and slurp

Left turn or right turn

Virtues equal viruses

You are a racist

Monday, August 3, 2020

That's what they said

Pyrexia frequented the most
Throbbing the cranium in half the volume
Nausea and upchuck are common events
They said
Just give them lots of fluids and rest
Don't be surprised by minor myalgia and fatigue
There could possibly be some irritability, too
If things don't look better after two days
We'll get some antibiotics
They said
What about her convulsion after a couple days?
They said
Yes, that's definitely something we are concerned about
It's likely unrelated to the well visit
Most events of that nature are coincidences
Where there is some minor correlation
It's often related to some kind of unknown susceptibility 
They said
He froze up like an ice cube
And blacked out like an adult punched her
And all the experts rationalized away their cares

Saturday, July 18, 2020


Some remember the world before you entered it
The people grazed on garbage, chewing the cud of mortality
and laughed
and laughed

They paid to fill their lungs with convenient juices
and relaxed
and relaxed

Guzzling intoxicating grains of oreos
and other natural flavors
and other natural flavors

They jammed their hearts with a sea of gods
and graven images
and graven images

The world neglected its gardens after your invitation
The nations united, pumping salvation into rivers of blood
and the people regressed
and regressed and regressed

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Birth of a nation

I want my children to love you
I don't even know what that's supposed to look like anymore
Perhaps you don't even know either

I stare at that black frame with three smiling faces snuggled closely
I stare and see genuine joy
Free joy

I stare and I cry and I wonder
Is this how you feel, too?
Do you wait and wonder if your kids will grow up to love you too?

Do you glance at the pages of Scripture and notice their portrayal of you?
Is that really you?
Was that ever really you?

Those who have seen you have seen the father
But is the inverse also true?
I rely heavily upon my bride for such hope and training in love

To see the father
To be the father
We never saw before

Do you rely upon your wife too?

Sunday, June 28, 2020

The quelle of all problems

we will not rehearse the case
for that hypothesis over there
nor offer arguments against
this one over here

definitive arguments
for any hypothesis
or against any hypothesis
or their variations

are not possible

at best, we propose scenarios
in which all or most or some
of the data is accounted
most of the time

by what we think of
as the most probable explanations
observe and trust what we say
and our craftsmanship

we sit in the seat you adore

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sitting across from the treasury

Our history is filled with violence
Demolish its icons

Our heritage is loaded with exploitation
Sue their asses off

We cannot undo the wrongs of our past
Demonetize those deviants

We must acknowledge truth to begin to heal
Censor rival narratives

We need to work together to fight fascism and restore justice
Donate today and pledge your last two lepta

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


They say that he sacrificed himself for everyone.
Others say he sacrificed himself for the many, the elect.
Still, more say he sacrificed himself to make it possible for all.
His enemies cried out, "We have no king but Caesar!"
And they were not saved from the coming wrath.
Not many since then have been allowed to have eyes that see or ears that hear.
That is why they never ask
What if he died only for those who were in the Hades?
And what if Hades was now no more?

That would mean horror and heresy!
Outrage and unyielding angst!
Riots are needed against such blasphemy!
Worst of all, that would mean no one today can be saved.

They say it's gutsy to defy the living God.
He used a church and Bible as a cheap political prop.
He threatened to deploy the military against his citizens.
They accuse his disciples of crying out, "We have no king but Caesar!"
And he tear gasses the peaceful protestors anyway.
Not many since then have been allowed eyes to see or ears to hear.
That is why they never ask
What if he's wrong, but for all the right reasons?
And what if those reasons matter more than your virtue signaling?

That would mean violence and looting!
Stoning and constant carnage!
Riots are needed against such tyranny!
Worst of all, that would mean no one today can be saved.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Satan

we trusted You
because You trusted in You
the You who is what You is
journalists then sold Your trust in You
universities with research grants sold it too
then doctors everywhere shifted
from whispers to screaming from hilltops
for it to be sold
experts and professionals of all kinds now sell it
like a super shammy at their State fair
and we all bought it
as seen on tv
we donated to Your cause
to receive divine blessing
to wipe out the curse
You offered the new creation we needed
nothing would go wrong
because Your gospel was announced
Your savior was going to tabernacle among us
in our flesh
in our bones
under our skin
on our phones

Saturday, May 23, 2020


I remember the day
You responded to the damning evidence
Her story has a lot of holes in it, you said
You've heard both sides, I presume
Your gut tells you someone's lying
Yet less than five minutes passed
And all you offered was an opinion piece
dedicated to the god of Progress,
his mistress, Phobia
and their illegitimate offspring,
Science, Data, and Studies
Surely there is a conspiracy
I can feel your worried tone
And that conspiracy must include me
It could not possibly be among the Priests of culture
who risk to lose millions and billions
and trillions to deviancy

Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Infected

Whether infected
or healthy
neither matters
What matters is that you follow the guidelines

Cough and sneeze
Send those droplets
containing the virus
into the air

The healthy ones breathe in
the infected droplets
or they touch a surface
with them on it

No one should assume they’re safe anymore
No one should presume they’re not infected
Symptoms don’t matter
Everyone is guilty until proven innocent

This scary, deadly virus can live 
for hours to days
and possibly weeks
on surfaces, and possibly in the air

Our public health experts have been clear
many times, publicly
about it possibly being too soon to reopen
if the guideline framework they have worked out is not followed

We should not jump over the various checkpoints
and prematurely open up
without having the capability of being able to respond
effectively and efficiently

Our concern should be 
that we will start to see little spikes
that might possibly turn into outbreaks
The consequences could be really serious

We must have an appropriate pace
that is commensurate with the dynamics of the outbreak
When an area pulls back on mitigation
we will see some cases appear

It’s the ability and capability
of responding to those cases
with good identification, isolation, and contact tracing
that will determine whether we can go forward as we try to reopen

It’s not only doing it at the appropriate time
with the appropriate constraints
but having in place the capability of responding
when the inevitable return of infections occur

Researchers still have a lot to learn about this new virus
You’re probably more likely to catch it 
from being around someone who might possibly have it 
than from touching contaminated surfaces

Buy a Dr Fauci Bobblehead to support the fight against Coronavirus

Sizan visited America (a very short story)

There once was a son who lived in a very poor home with unclean water, making everyone sick.
The father loved his son greatly, and cared about the health of others, so he sent his son to America to become great and help others.

Sizan visited America.
Everything in America was new to Sizan.

Most of the people were friendly to Sizan.
Sizan then thought, ‘I like these people! I want to help them!’

So Sizan created a plan to help everyone.
Sizan started helping by building trust among all people.

At that time, the world was suffering because of disease.
Sizan knew that people could not survive without help.

Sizan gave lots of people lots of money, power, and honor.
Sizan invested in people because people needed the help.

Sizan developed teams around the world to trace all people with disease.
For many years, Sizan tried to help, but some people mocked and hated Sizan for the help.

Thankfully, most Americans searched for the truth about Sizan.
At first, everywhere they Googled, YouTubed, and FaceBooked, they received mixed messages about Sizan.

Over time, Sizan invested in research to find a cure that was infecting everyone, and the people started to learn that there is a lot more good than bad to Sizan.
The remedy discovered by Sizan was called Semmelweis Reflex, which was very effective in treating cases of short term memory and cognitive dissonance where new information suggested that established practices were harming public health. 

Eventually, the fake news about Sizan was under control and nearly eradicated.
After that time, no matter where people searched, the people of the world found plenty of good reasons to believe the greatness of Sizan, which made Sizan very happy.

Sizan admitted that some mistakes were made, and there were some significant regrets, but Sizan learned from them all.
Sizan spent more than fifty billion dollars—tax free—to eradicate disease from the world.

Sizan eventually retired, and the gods blessed Sizan with greatness because of the great loyalty of Sizan to them.
Sizan retired in a forty three million dollar home near San Diego—one of many homes that the gods provided for Sizan.

That great city was named after the great Franciscan saint, Diego de san Nicolas.
He served among the newly conquered Canary Islands.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Simpatico Enterprises

Who will guide me?
the sheeple said

Look here!
he said

Look there!
she said

Do not listen to them! 
I will guide youI, the one, who knows.
I can peel back the layers of truth and reveal to you all its secret inward parts.
said the gatekeeper

Why should we listen to you?
Who made you the one to authenticate?
the sheeple inquired

The Scientific Community.
said the gatekeeper

We have the degrees. 
We have letters of recommendation.
We have articles published and peer reviewed.
We have the required skills of the scientific tradition, 
to teach, train, and discern the truth.
said the gatekeeper

But I have a PhD, also.
said Mr. Humilis

And I have letters of recommendation from seven reputable universities.
said Ms. Tenir

I have dozens of articles, and even one book about my research, all of which have been peer reviewed before publication.
said Mrs. Vilificare

And I have many of the required skills of the accepted scientific tradition, too.
said Mr. Artire

Aha! But do you have the support of society?
And does society support your values or affirm your passions?

We, the ones who know, have such support and affirmation. 
By understanding and living within the rigorous thought world of the communally supported Scientific Community, we can work together to inoculate and immunize future generations against the unhealthy consumption of propaganda.
Together we become safer, at home, and essential for the future good of society.

So beware: Who you choose to listen to forms your ability to see either correctly or in a warped and twisted manner. 
Please listen to the Scientific Community instead of merely thinking independently, or following those who are offering conspiracy theories.
We want you to not only think for yourself, but also to think communally, where knowledge is cultivated and distributed by discerning knowers.
the gatekeeper sternly warned

You may hear about information wars, and even rumors of culture wars. 
But be sure to not let anyone lead you astray with fake news. 
For many will come to you in the name of the Scientific Community,
and they will try to lead you astray, as they have with many others.
Do not listen to them, or encourage them.
Do not share their nonsense.
Lean not on your own understanding,
but in all your ways acknowledge Science, 
and it will direct your paths,
in ways which the future of society must go.
the gatekeeper insisted

But we’ve heard all that before.
said the sheeple

Gatekeepers like you have been selling that dogma for two thousand years,
and we think your predictions about the future are horseshit.

Your authenticated community of knowledge was once our community, too,
until some of us attempted to publish our peer reviewed research,
and tweet our professional, data-driven opinions publicly.
Then we were arrested and jailed on trumped-up charges,
and were publicly maligned by false reports,
or had our reputations publicly twisted,
or our integrity shot with holes by the people with influence around our circles,
or we were just completely ignored as deviants.

We repeatedly asked for evidence of what was an error, 
and all we got was the typical libel of scientific cronyism.
We were fired and fined,
sued and weakened with constant financial assaults,
accused of being the ones spreading lies,
made out to have holes in our stories,
and persecuted.
We looked at the evidence according to your community guidelines and standards—which were ours at that time, too.
We closely inspected the reports and claims of others with degrees and letters of recommendation,
with published and peer reviewed articles,
and all the required skills of your sacred tradition—the same skills that many of us have, too.
Yet we became convinced that the public should not listen to you, the gatekeepers of discerning knowers,
and we no longer think that your guild should be the ones to authenticate what should be cultivated and distributed to guide others.

We published and publicized the data of our experience,
yet our research has been retracted by you.
Our life saving research has been withheld from public appeal because of you.
Our stories and documentaries were taken down from social media by those conspiring with you.
The artificial labels slapped upon us consist of quacks, theorists, and criminals.
We have become the ones shoved into a concentration camp for ethical cleansing.
And our experience of knowing within the Scientific Community is revealing: 

You are the false prophets. You are the priests of culture. You are the rulers of this age, beholden to Herodian-like dynasties, centered on your precious temple, with your empire of thought built around it.