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Thursday, May 7, 2020


This one is obsessive
like the green beans of star dollars
charred so badly that its ashes
pioneer through mounds of cream and sugar
that would, quite dogmatically
never be added to any mug

Others are compulsive
so we're told, yet this one's a broken record 
of twanging strings and acts of reading
over and over and over
with words like bees hovering around my lobes
and forty messages a day to chug

The mantra of everyone else's disorder
is repeated again and again and again
and the leitmotif of calling, leading, and Jesus praying
blessing us with a loud voice rising early in the morning
refreshing each like continually dripping water
nipping every intrigued pant leg as a puppy dog

Saturday, May 2, 2020


This great mystery
I have been allowed to know 
this sublimely incalculable figure
Its stability
its practicality
it's inviting me

It's attentive
to detail
to simplicity 
to order

This glass
is stunning
in time
in motion
every minute of every hour

Once molten
and now cool
its pair of bulbs
connected vertically
by a slender, toned neck
teasing with perfection

Everything has its place
with it
no batteries are needed
all it asks for
is a little guidance
a turn over here 
a turn over there

Its gentle, steady, reliable flow
from top to bottom
is beyond understanding
and most glorious
every grain
every mark
every freckle is gold
an inner alchemy of divinity

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Conversational Jonah

Jesus standing
beside your shoulder
beside your furtive glance
God is with you
like a toothache

without what
would make you feel
vulnerable, exposed
testing and training your let go muscles

what in your life
would you feel
humbled, silenced
Test and train
your let go muscles

I wish my voice was better
I never smoked
I was a better father of my first two
I wasn't pale and freckled
I could be more generous

I cared more about the gospel I used to believe
I didn't have such a predictably aloof and self aggrandizing father
the coffee here was tasty
people could and would not work for money
smart phones did not emit ionizing radiation

habituated behaviors
and responses to
living on auto-pilot
characterizing the overwhelming
proportion of self

if you really know me
then you wouldn't really love me
I want you to love me
therefore I won't let you
know the real me

          Throw this guy overboard so we can enjoy conversing again.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

ZOOM Carefully

It’s very strange out there
The quarantine is confounding us all
So don’t dwell on conspiracy theories
Watch what is trending
Focus on the facts and data
As they extend each governing ordinance
One more month
One more phase
Before phase two
To reopen
For business

Social distancing is working
Not touching your face will bring relief
Wearing a mask will mitigate the communication of disease
Hand sanitizers are working
Curbside pickup is helping
We can see that the curve is flattening

Begin at the center
ZOOM carefully
Pay attention to the structure
Like a rorschach technique
The Chiasmus unfolds the synchysis
Pay attention to the pattern
ZOOM carefully
Work your way out

Beyond the aetherband
Miracle unicorn juice in the making
While microbreweries are converting
While RT-PCR tests confirm that people in general are fools
And so will each check signed by the POTUS
While normality is live streaming

To maintain the right proportion of serfdom
For monitoring who will stay at home
We all need another extension
And as many more as are needed
And many more are needed
To prepare us all for immunization
From the virus in one host to another
Infecting our minds and futures
Distorting what is reported
To stabilize the strategized reflation
Beyond the fourth wall

Sunday, April 12, 2020


In the end was the Death
and the Death was alongside those not seen
and the Death was a god
He was alongside the Most High God in the end
Some things were appointed to him
and without him nothing unseen could be appointed
What was appointed to him was dead
and those dead awaited vindication
Their vindication was in being raised
and being raised
Death and Hades are needed no more
There was a man sent from the Most High God
whose name is Jesus
He came for his martyrs who bore witness for vindication
that all might be loyal to him
He was the judge and he came to witness their judgment
The final judgment that vindicates the dead provides eternal life for the many
He was among the many
and the many were appointed through him
and the many knew him
He descended to his own
and his own gladly received him
But to all who did not receive him
who were not loyal to his name
he declared them to be destroyed
who were born mortal and not of the Most High God
And the Death became perdition
and was thrown into the Lake with Hades
where those not seen are stripped of glory
the one-of-a-kind garments which their father grasped after
full of majesty and authority
Jesus witnessed to the last enemy and cried out
Where is your sting?
Where is your victory?
For the fullness of life his martyrs lived
The rest received one stone upon another
For the curse of the Torah was declared through the dead
But mercy and eternal life through Jesus of Nazareth
No one had ever been raised from the Death to the Most High
Death robbed them of their wedding garments
so they would not enter into glory
Jesus made this known

Friday, April 3, 2020

The Virus

You don't want this
It could kill you
It's best to shut everything down
Stay at home where it's safer
Where they can track submission
Stabilize fear
Divide and conquer the enemy

You don't want this
You could get it touching anything
A shopping cart could have it
A bad apple or playground swing
You don't know what is or is not safe
No one knows anything for certain
That's how deadly this one is

You don't want this
Even if you don't die from it
Even if you test positive but don't suffer
Even if your symptoms go away in a few days
You can't evade your guilt once you've got it
You could have spared others more vulnerable than you
You should be more considerate and less selfish

You don't want this
There are hospitals flooded with sick people
Morgues are filled with corpses
It's a war zone out there
If you spread this virus to the elderly or vulnerable
They could surely die
The real danger is with people who think they're immune 

You don't want this
I saw a friend tweet something dangerous
It said that world health organizations and the media are lying 
It said Big Pharma and Big Tech are taking advantage of this crisis
It said our rights are being tested and possibly taken away
It said vaccines are more dangerous than getting the flu
Thousands of people are dying while idiots like them share fake news

You don't want this
It could kill you
It will kill your grandparents and their grandchildren
It will kill your neighbor with emphysema and Hashimoto's disease
To be safe, it's best to stay six feet away from them all
Love like Jesus but wash your hands like Pontius Pilate
And pray that Bill Gates runs campaigns against Trump for POTUS

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Stay in Your Cell

The dog barks; the caravan passes

We can see you breathing
It's not good
... Pause ...
... Pause ...
Like a dog, only with fewer rights

Stimulate each I with your pound sign and tweet
I can't protect my family with collective idiocy
Am I safer at home?
The best askesis is staying in your cell
May I please move along?
I can't without a fine or imprisonment
I'm tired of waiting

We just want you to stop
... Just pause ...
... Heal ... 
Like a dog, only with fewer rights

Silence is the canvas, not the painting

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Iota Haiku

Obey them, we must
Help save us from plague, they must
Stay inside, we must

Masks, hospitals need
Prevent cough mist contagion
Germ sweatshops, they are

Covid nineteen, bad
Fast forward to the fifth Gen
Must track pandemic

Make stats big they must
Trusting agency's reports
Truth it cannot be

Germs and viruses
Everyone with smartphone knows
Science tells us so

FCC needs more
Accelerate deployment 
Good bandwidth, no more

The gospel, they say
Stab arm to eradicate
To argue, no time

Allow them, we will
Get away with it, they will
Deserve it, we will

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Umbrella Corporation and its Crowning Influence

There are many things that we don't know and have yet to discover
How long will this pandemic last?
Every one feels the test, and most know they'll survive; it's the elderly we don't want to put in harm's way
Yet their owners added a bandwidth between 24 and 28 gigahertz regardless of the harm

A lot more information can be carried on them
Radio waves will be supplemented with millimeter waves
Enabling data to be transmitted in larger amounts and faster speeds, with shorter lagging

Low latency enables near instantaneousness communication
Yellow buses won't need drivers for long
In less than ten years we will achieve the fourth industrial revolution prophesied back in 2017
No one can stop their plans to roll out more and more big tech & big pharma
Global economic output is banking on an estimate of at least 250 billion dollars more annually by 2025

That is only five years from now, and most won't receive education about it's health risks
Once the infrastructure is up and running, we won't be able to opt out

Ushering in a new era of computer-assisted living is the goal
Smart cities will be reaching into every living cell, containing every virus

Monday, March 2, 2020

Lenten Symbols

The true lamb ate the paschal lamb;
the symbol hastened to enter the belly of truth.

For all the types in the holy of holies
dwelt and anticipated the one who fulfills all.

And when the symbols saw the true lamb,
they tore the curtain and stepped out to meet him.

Ephrem the Syrian
Hymn 6, verses 9-11

[Translated by J. Edward Walters. Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2012]

Monday, February 24, 2020

Millennial Haiku

Alarm goes off again—
Toes touch the floor
Checks Facebook

Fifty six notifications? 
What the ef?
I hate being tagged 

What is there to eat?
Nothing much
I’ll just go to the drive thru

What should I wear?
Looks pensively
at options 

Have my phone
Have my keys
Do I have everything? 

Pocket vibrates—
What is it now?
Long exhale

Turns into parking lot
F***ing asshole
I was here first 

I’ll have two number two meals
Each with a large coffee
With four creams added

Checks Twitter
Presses heart

Have a nice day
Thanks, you too
Idiot forgot to add cream

Almost there
Better late than never
Checks Facebook

Where am I?
You’re in the hospital
Where’s my phone?

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Optimizing Trust

Investigating “Science” is not the problem
All these academics and graduates
Specialists and sub-specialists
Those with certificates and those on their way
Quoting each other supportively
Creating this illusion of incontrovertibility
Scientizing all philosophies of problem solving
Problematizing all solutions that are anti-Science
Democracy is the greatest threat to hegemony
When women are valued more than men, equality is achieved
Wetdreams of Hitlerian Brexits are why foreign nations need our policing
If you don’t want to be expurgated, don’t believe the wrong things
Intersectionality proves that translesbian prostitutes are unjustly marginalized
Whiteness has proven itself to be rape, with the exception of Zionists
Eratosthenes’ sticks proved the sphericity of life two thousand years ago
Mark’s little apocalypse proves that the end was not near
Bezos and Musk prove Capitalism to be the enemy of Socialism
Warren’s crosshairs on Big Pharma prove she can’t be bought
Racism equalling prejudice+plus+power proves the dictionary wrong
Non-binary vegan activists prove the patriarchy needs smashing
For the best sex, we need to approve medicare for all
For the best results, make sure you’re fully vaccinated
Utterly pampered idiots infantilizing all investigation into the problem

Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentine’s Day Psychology 101

People love 1-to-1 correspondence
The Roman Emperor‘s command for him was to be executed
The Western Empire commands execution of his holy day
Martyred on the 14th of February
We celebrate on the 14th of February
Unless you’re Eastern
Then it’s July 6th & 30th
He wrote a letter
Be my valentine 
We write letters
Be my valentine 
He fell in love before his last day
We celebrate love so it won't be ours
For chocolatiers 
and philanthropists
For poor sweethearts 
and middle-class cheap lays
The year 496 was his canonization
496 million cream filled eggs ordered each year ever since
His demise was 270 years after the year of our Lord
270 electoral votes are needed to win a presidential election this year
He refused the command to deny marriage
We command love and respect with heart shaped treats
Innocent ideographic treats for the legendary love of mankind