Saturday, April 18, 2020

ZOOM Carefully

It’s very strange out there
The quarantine is confounding us all
So don’t dwell on conspiracy theories
Watch what is trending
Focus on the facts and data
As they extend each governing ordinance
One more month
One more phase
Before phase two
To reopen
For business

Social distancing is working
Not touching your face will bring relief
Wearing a mask will mitigate the communication of disease
Hand sanitizers are working
Curbside pickup is helping
We can see that the curve is flattening

Begin at the center
ZOOM carefully
Pay attention to the structure
Like a rorschach technique
The Chiasmus unfolds the synchysis
Pay attention to the pattern
ZOOM carefully
Work your way out

Beyond the aetherband
Miracle unicorn juice in the making
While microbreweries are converting
While RT-PCR tests confirm that people in general are fools
And so will each check signed by the POTUS
While normality is live streaming

To maintain the right proportion of serfdom
For monitoring who will stay at home
We all need another extension
And as many more as are needed
And many more are needed
To prepare us all for immunization
From the virus in one host to another
Infecting our minds and futures
Distorting what is reported
To stabilize the strategized reflation
Beyond the fourth wall

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