Tuesday, April 28, 2020

As the proverb goes

every time I think
of you I churn cream
like wringing your nose
as the proverb goes
just an unpleasant
petty policy
wonk high on ego


choking the life out
from those bringing gifts
your highs are too high
your lows are too low
but what do you say
to those tenured clowns
with no competence


cats they are, choking
coughing, meowing
the plagal of tone
nine with our ears plugged
with our eyes blinking
from the burning stench
of their shite bemoans


but please correct me
instead of pressing
mute on their TV
please excuse me too
I'm the one with no
ability to
regulate volume


please forgive me
oh gracious master
who cares so much for
the sheep of his flock
who tends to their needs
and does not call them


oh listen kindly
you who think highly
of his innocence
and benevolence
oh good and kind lord
bring some recompense
to this narcissist


stop being such a
goddamn curmudgeon
senile introvert
incompetent prig
passive aggressive
snob who loathes children
as the proverb goes


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