Monday, March 8, 2021

Rowing toward God


I put you to death

At a time when I didn’t read

In a time when I couldn’t write

For a time when I couldn't swim

Yet I believed, because it was for the greater good

Because you wanted to go away and had already left

I was told it was for the greater good

I then agreed to be a witness

To do what had to be done

To care, even though I didn’t care

To help common sense prevail

I became an able body

I was cruel enough to end you

And grab that pen

Agreeing to put my name on your certificate

And nod my head before others

I charged you with facts fed to me

I witnessed against the Lord’s anointed 

To save a family that was damned

To put away those problems of yours I hated

To escape my own

I just wanted you to go away

I had a unique signature to contribute

So I sat and listened to my letter

After it was written

Without coercion

Without remorse

Without excuses

Twenty years later

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