Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Is it possible

He married a pagan

To subdue and humiliate?

All was grand until her first episode

The box opened and never shut without medication

For many years he cared for her

Like a drunk german shepherd 

Migrating from the Czech republic

To old steel mills with pride and headship

For many years he loved her

And she felt loved as long as she wasn’t anxious

And he often made her anxious

With his bitter barks

Please hand me a pillow to shove down a throat

To silence and comfort us all

God only knows what we saw and heard

At home and while driving

God only knows her bite was as nasty as his bark

Couldn’t he try to empathize or listen?

At some point that became impossible

She was crazy

He tried everything but a straightjacket 

And tenderness and humility

Vulnerability in the face of shame

He even wailed and cried for demons to be cast out

And it didn’t work

She was possessed with crazy Love

All that was needed to reciprocate love:

Change into the prince she needed

It makes perfect sense if you think about it

Oil and water mix perfectly

He’s oil. She’s water.

He’s anointed priest and patriarch of the Lord’s lost tribe

She’s baptized to serve and bathe in submission

To offer her last lepta for salvation

And birth a man-child for kidnapping, if need be

So the Spirit turned water into wine

To make him drink a cup of fury 

Before pouring it over his head

And so, what came to be in response to the beloved’s anointing?

A wife was found to meet and help

To frame mischief with a law

A court set up to accuse and excuse

Witnesses reared to testify

To put her to death

And they did, like compliant little pups

Who imagined their mother abandoned them for demons

Good riddance, they thought

Now we can finally have a real Christian home

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