Sunday, November 8, 2020

Thank you internet

Waking we feel the tug and pull

toward minds conspiring, calculating, 

dancing in preparation for the next act

in our collective hollywood production

Is coffee or tea next for our day?

Perhaps we pay our water bill and release some fumes first

What comes next doesn’t really matter 

as long as our batteries are charged

These cyborgic extensions of our selves 

don’t live if we don’t breathe into their nostrils

This dead wooden cadaver wants to recognize your face

and fill your life with purpose and meaning and value and faith

Stop expending much needed energy

turning knobs or tuning your patience in at six o’clock

Sit back and say, 'Hey, Kookle!' or "See Wee?" to get each fix

Sip the professional productionism in slowly while its warm

They keep our dials on low heat for us, twenty four seven

Relax and refill and indulge with fact-filled sweeteners as needed

You deserve it and they know it

You’ve worked hard this day

You need a break

They’ve got updates every waking minute 

and breaking news tailored just for you

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