Sunday, November 29, 2020



Is not Alexander his name?

And a coppersmith his trade?

No, sayeth one of the Annointed's apostles

Such is the record of another man

yet this one did as much evil nonetheless

and hath received rewards according to his works

for he hath greatly withstood our words

Be thou ware of him

imagining one’s self to be a new Moses

supposing his brethren would understand 

that God would deliver by his hand

But they understood not

while he gloried in imprecations

Becoming a terror to good works

he destroyed the image of God

and established a rival of divine justice 

He knew that no man hath greater love 

than when his life is laid down for his friends

So he condemned her as no friend

and framed her as God’s enemy

He justified his own and stopped caring for hers

as though God hath rewarded his equity

If she suffered from wrong, it was no longer by him

for he was no longer called to help her through suffering

having suffered much already

His calling now was to smite pharaohs, not keep covenants

Wilt thou ever interrogate thy self O Adam?

What inhabits thy mind now?

What kind of soul dost thou have now?

The soul of a predator or its prey?

Answer the call of accountability preached by thee

Let no rank seek exemption

Frame no more mischief with law or its grace

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