Saturday, November 14, 2020


‘Twas two weeks ‘til Thanksgiving

But one week to relax

And play games or just chat long

While grazing on snacks 

But inside of our bodies

Crept imaginary

Disease causing germs

That would kill if one sneezed

Some then fretted all night long

And then caved in to test

And expected the rest 

To approve their behest

Because that day just might come

When they’d feel slightly warm

Or wake up just like normal 

Of there being no harm

But without being tested 

They might never know

If living life normal

Was just placebo

With trillions of toxins

Inside us already 

The last thing we need 

Is to foster anxiety

By testing and testing 

and testing some more

That guarantees nothing 

and increases stress more 

Many understand little

Yet think they care best

Ignoring high false positives

Of RT-PCR tests

Many also don’t realize

That a swab up the nose

Is far less effective 

Than turning off their phones 

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