Sunday, October 24, 2021



every now and then

we return to paradise

with eyes wide open

just before dusk

there we both smile

there a little mole is hiding 

in a pumpkin patch

among the perfect apple orchard

subtle tones of sunshine are all around

just the right shade on every side

all is wide open for viewing

its landscape even has one peach

and so we feast and nibble

laying and relaxing

you gaze at the heavens

i leer at the glistening horizon

its supple hills

with lofty pillows billowing beyond

are adorned with soft raspberries

i reach for one with an arm stretched out

you grab my hand to stay grounded

we feel the wind hover over us

chilling the skin

climbing higher and higher

there, at the peak we each find rest

then you ask

would you like to come inside now?

it's your turn

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