Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Crucified

O God, my God, why have I forsaken you? 

Far away from blissfulness are my entertainments! 

O Most High, I cry for days and you will not listen! 

I roar beyond moonlight, waxing and waning

Yet, still, my addictions tarry

Do you dwell in foolish ones—in their praise?

Our father hoped in you, and was not blissful

Toward you he cried and was heard

He was heard, and was still put to shame

And I—I, too, am a dumb animal

A beast of the field and vagabond

I aspire to carry the torch of our heritage

Yet all those who view my profile deride me

They mute my feed

They snope each fact and report missing context

“This guy needs help.”

“He denies Science.”

“Let his god save him, because he can’t be reasoned with.”

Because you are the one who graced me with instruction

You are the one who infused me with theories of conspiration

Upon you my work ethic was baptized

Out of your bride my spirit of laissez fair was birthed

Please do not draw near to me, because I have no profit to offer

They troll my accounts like flies—hundreds of them

Like GM Mosquitoes, they prevent offspring from surviving

I was shut up like a mason jar

Poured out like the cold residuum of a french press

My soul is pierced

My cells, poisoned

All hope, lost

I laid this corpse of yours down into dust

To watch more television

To stream more social media

To remain relevant and informed

Until our final judgment

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