Sunday, December 13, 2020


I cry for them daily

Words I never imagined before this year

Clear tears

Blotting the ink, piercing each page

As I learn what I was never told, and reflect upon what I was sold

You were right all along

He hated you like Ciaphas

He prayed against you like the Psalmist

He avoided you like the Levite

He made things difficult for you, as recompense for holding back his calling

He thirsted for justice like Pharisees

He got the secretary he always needed, and dumped you like Judas

He also poisoned us with his bitter root, like the Judaizers

Once you were cut off you were dead to him

All your tears dried up by his subtlety

Clear tears

Never to be seen by us again, until you were raised

And here I am now, with your scriptures denouncing his sacred cow

Wishing you cried with us daily

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