Saturday, December 5, 2020

December 2020

I see your demands

Snowflakes, all of them

You see me cold, frozen

Dry ice, steaming predictably

I see your right to privacy

Do you see mine?

You see us close together as a door and knob

You are now open, and I shut

I see you prophesy my motives

It’s going to hurt him, and you know it

You see her open our door

I see and welcome her

You see her and shut our door

I see her motives

It’s to heal from the hurt, and I know it

You see her pains, her fears, her hopes, her vices

I open, you shut

I see your priorities

Do you see mine?

You see me assuming I know everything

Insanely disrespectful, lacking empathy

I see your apologies

These, too, are seasonal

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