Thursday, December 23, 2021

Ode 4


Where are you?

Not, Where were you?

No one really cares about the past

What matters is this time

With the accuser

Held by a seemingly long chain

Perhaps it’s all our fault, though

Imagining ourselves under your curse

Under the reign of death

Hurling through the vacuum 

Of meaninglessness toward infinity

Our fathomless distance from life

If it even cares

All we seem to care about is now

This present, this gift

This already but not yet

Along with paying our mortgage

And our taxes

You became man to warm our innards

To show us what love is

Whatever that means

While we lose our jobs

Lose our sleep

Lose our freedoms of self

Pondering this age of madness

The slave cries out

Where are you?

He doesn’t need hope

That some day you’ll both meet

And you’ll wipe away the tears

He needs you now

He needs to you here now

Not some future day

When the sea gives up its dead

For one hour of the thy faithfulness

Is more than all hours and years

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