Saturday, September 26, 2020

Storybook Land

I still remember that night in the hotel

Weeks before seeing the wall 

Glistening oil appeared on my right foot

I scratched it vertically, and lightly before sleeping

Morning came and it ate away all my flesh

Its scab formed and cracked and leaked every step thereafter

Beginning to heal

Only when I returned 

Grabbing my ladder to heaven

Which I intentionally left behind

Wrestling with God 

To receive the blessing

Pondering the cause of dread

The fear of being found

The pseudonyms

The churches visited 

The lacks of assurance 

The constant, confident hopes

The mountains of cardboard

The horse on one of its peaks

Imagining that we’d walk that yellow brick road together

And watch Jesus walk by

Living with all those good samaritans 

Dying for their Lord

But by the time I could see the wall, my foot healed

Only say a word and my soul shall be healed, too

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