Sunday, January 19, 2020


Everyone postures as if they're woke
Worldwide data and inter-connectivity and trust 
Dancing around their globe together
Omnipresent, omniscient, omnibenevolent
Experts in every field
Standards for every market
Faith in what has been established 
All are effected by its gnosis
All can attain its level of epic social triunity
All is seen and worshipped
Yet even after the mountain is climbed 
Some still doubt

Our good news is that most people believe what is reported
They don't believe all that is reported, and they needn't
We just expect them to believe some report
About what not to believe 
And why not to believe
They can't help but trust what's available
Even those who trust independent research
Are influenced by the boundaries we fixed
By the experts we diffused
Resting upon faith in something we established
Every believer nods their pig head
And shares their sausage links

The big yellow banner
Sometimes red
Sometimes gray
Flies like a flag across the screen 
They use it to prove their logic
If everyone gave two dollars today 
Our priests of culture would be fully funded
Who cares if the machine gets a few facts wrong 
What matters is getting their dopamine to accelerate proportionally
With feeling justified in someone's sight
This centralized resource is really good, they say
Trust us, it has everything you need to know

Don't listen to those who tell you otherwise
They sermonize and sell propaganda
Ours, on the other hand, is loaded with blue hyperverbiage 
Sending the imagination off to idyllic Jepsteinian islands
Idoltyouzo and Eurofuchinittyacht are two popular staycation spots
Where political pedophilia is hidden in plain sight
And public eyes are wide shut
Our analytics reveal that when you click and go deep
Down that rabbit hole of faith in our services
You discover that there is no way
To prove everything wrong 
And we provide every means of transportation along the way

Trust the established authorities
Or follow the crumbs feeding quackery
Our science about Anatidae is settled
Whether they acknowledge it or not 
Like the last judgment
They will bow down now 
Or they will bow later
In the end they all bow
Let him save himself
We know that resistance is futile
Why would any man trust his own might 
When they can participate in our aeonic masquerade of conviviality 

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