Thursday, December 19, 2019

Catena of Dangerous Denial

I think futurists are close-minded fear-mongers.
I am the one who is not open to whatever Scripture teaches.
I do not treat fellow believers with dignity.
I am trying to sound academic or intellectual.
I am the one using word-salad.
This is all a hand-wave dismissal of valid research methods and appeal to evidence.
Daniel was written at least one thousand years before Christ.
I ignore the Bible's own precedent for prophesies prior to the time of Christ.
I think that God shouldn't have given that prophesy until the generation to whom it referred was born.
I think God only gives prophesies to people whom they apply to.
I depend upon the allegorical approach to Scripture.
I am the one using a bullying tactic.

Where did I describe futurism as a "conjured-up social paradigm"?
Can you admit that you can be wrong?
It looks like you did not actually read point number four.
What about footnote number seventy four?
You never mentioned it once, yet that was the background of point number four.
One hour, eighteen minutes, forty one seconds, press play.
The door of being convinced swings both ways, you say.

I have concluded that God only and always writes about current or imminent events.
I mock the idea that any prophesy would be given to people it doesn't apply to.
I paint us all with that brush.
I write pejoratively and abusively.
I know it was a cheap shot.
Humility and teachability are your virtues.
Self-contradiction is all over the place.
I am disingenuous.
I appeal to popularity.
I deny that "this generation" can have any other possible meaning than that of time.
I don't believe in a very real and physical kingdom.
I take away our blessed hope.

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