Friday, July 5, 2013

Reflections on Psalm 119 by John Brown of Haddington

In his famous Self-Interpreting BibleJohn Brown of Haddington makes these comments while reflecting on the entirety of Psalm 119:

Let this Psalm be a touchstone by which I may try my heart and my life. Let me constantly inquire—Are these gracious tempers and holy exercises of faith, love, hope, humility, patience, and zeal, to be found in my soul? Has my heart …made these meditations, prayers, resolutions, and confessions truly my own? Is God’s Word …the sole standard of all my faith and law of my practice? Is it the channel of Jesus’ fullness of grace and comfort to my heart? Is it the instructor, the counselor, the quickener, the medicine, the armour, the treasury, the wealth, the support, the guard, the joy, and the ALL of my soul? Do I receive it as a word to me from God, and use it as my plea with him for whatever I need? Happy is he that is thus living in these delightful exercises!

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