Monday, July 5, 2021

Fill in the blanks


This generation

doomed to destruction

without resurrection

for all the blood

on their hands

worships blank

Each cannot fathom

what it means

to not let one eat

if one does not work

and so they uber

to blank

They chug all the blessings

cancel all the curses

Recline on factory sofas

in air conditioned spaces

while dogs eat the crumbs

of blank

Let's all dream 

of colonizing planets

injecting cures for cancers

surviving on impossible burgers

while dropping off kids at daycare

so we can celebrate blank

Our creed is simple

there is only adaption or escape

we evolved from something inhuman

pathogens are always trying to infect us

Science is real, from the big bang to your DNA

Worship blank or this generation is doomed

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