Sunday, April 11, 2021

And profitable writing


Here we go again

Another apologetic

Whipping out shiny blades of tribal tradition 

To chop up uncertainty 

If the other won’t surrender

To the good news that his steel glistens

And is sharper than any two-edged sword

Then comes the twirly dance like a ninja ballerina

To show how conversant he is in his own culture

The point is to bedazzle

So the weapons of his warfare don’t actually get soiled

So then, be afraid boys and girls 

As the professional armchair samurais protect the clan

Don’t try this at home, the disclaimer reads

Carved into the thick air

These bad boys can pierce through soul and spirit

So beware

I then slowly withdraw my first defense

Reading loudly 

πσα γραφ θεόπνευστος κα φέλιμος πρς διδασκαλίαν, 

πρς λεγμόν, πρς πανόρθωσιν, 

πρς παιδείαν τν ν δικαιοσύν

να ρτιος το θεο νθρωπος, 

πρς πν ργον γαθν ξηρτισμένος

Everyone stares in silence 

Because they can’t see the mountain

Full of chariots of fire all around

And they don't even know what that means

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