About Me

My name is Jonathan Sedlak. I am an information junkie who is happily married to a very talented, beautiful, and godly wife (and mother): Alison Sedlak. I'm also the father of a little bundle of trouble-filled cuteness: Jadon, Eden, and Gaius Sedlak. In my spare time as a husband and father, I also dabble a little bit in hobbies which pay the bills. It turns out that I was born a natural electrician and electrical contractor, so when I was of age, I decided to work seven years to get my Master's credential as an electrician and start my own business as a certified Electrical Contractor in the field of electrical repairs, remodeling, and installation. I've been self-employed for many years since I made that decision. At this point you might be wondering when I find time to study and post things on this blog. The answer (as you might have guessed): while driving.

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