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  1. Greetings of peace. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for information on parables in Matthew 13. I found myself captivated with a feeling of peace as I read the words and description of the Messiah.
    I so wish I could comprehend the parables for class. '

  2. Very interesting interview on Dogma Debates, -

    What is your view on Jordan Peterson ?

  3. your background screen has the Literary Structure of the Sermon on the Mount, some chapter outlined for John's gospel... do you have a master collection of such chiastic/ lit structure things, or know of one that is good? Thanks, Andrew in Australia, pls reply to AndrewOlsenMail at gmail.com

    1. The background of my blog is all my handwriting on a notepad, which I took a photo of. I have lots of notepads with such notes, but unfortunately they're not all in one neat and systematic location.

      For Matthew's Gospel, I don't know of any book which takes on such a task, although a handful of them try. That is why I have posted much of my own research on the side-bar links here (Intensive Study: The Gospel of St Matthew & The Olivet Discourse). Athanasius Press has recently released Peter Leithart's two volume pastoral commentary on Matthew's Gospel. That has significant amounts of literary structures in them.

      Regarding John's Gospel, I recommend The Genius of John: A Composition-Critical Commentary on the Fourth Gospel, by Peter F. Ellis.

      I only recommend that work by Ellis because the book is almost entirely literary structure, and is very good. I disagree with him on the omission of the pericope adulterae to derive the letter's macro-structure, but that's a slight disagreement; it doesn't discredit the immense value and usefulness of Ellis' research.

      I Hope this helps.